Welcome to MiClub!

Our current member management system (GCS) has now come to the end of its useful life and Ocean Shores Country Club will soon be transitioning to the new platform ‘MiClub’ for all Golf, Bowls and membership related operations.

This planned improvement is the first step in updating the Club’s hardware and software to more reliable, cost effective and productive platforms that will benefit both members and staff.

The first key date members should be aware of is the “Go Live” competition date of WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2020 as outlined below:

Implementation Schedule

Tuesday 20 October – Last Day a Competition or Social time is available for booking via old software (GCS)

Wednesday 21 October – Go Live Date: First Day a Competition is managed via ‘MiClub’. NOTE: Any pre-existing bookings in the old system for Wednesday 21 October and beyond will be transferred by club staff.

Wednesday 14th October – Bookings open for first MiClub competition on Wednesday 21 October (NOTE: existing booking will be transferred for this date)

Wednesday 14th October – New MiClub member portal will be available for login and configuration

Booking Education & Tutorials will be provided to Members via the new Online Booking Portal from Wednesday 14th October. All members are encouraged to read the news posts regularly when logging into the new member portal.

The Club has been working with MiClub to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, however as with any change there will be some challenges and we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation during the transition period for the long term benefit to all our members

Practice Timesheets:

Practice timesheets are available in the new portal as labelled.

NOTE: These are not live bookings but exist simply for members to practice making and deleting bookings. The timesheet configurations are similar to what you can expect for a live competition booking from Wednesday 21 October onwards.


Our new look and feature filled booking system will available for PRACTICE from Tuesday 13 October 2020 through until our first competition with the new system going ‘live’ on Wednesday 21 October 2020.

Club management and staff will receive training on the new system prior to this date. The new ‘MiClub’ Online timesheet system is in use by over 500 clubs in Australia including Indooroopilly, Royal Queensland, Coolangatta Tweed Heads, Links Hope Island, Ballina, Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club and many more.

Please follow the links on the Ocean Shores Country Club website for ‘MiCLUB BOOKINGS – from Wednesday 21 October.’ Direct access to the new MiClub member’s portal can be accessed via the link https://oceanshorescc.miclub.com.au


You will be prompted to login, your username is your Ocean Shores Country Club member number and your default password is your date of birth in dd/mm format (i.e. 7 July = 0707).

All membership details and accounts information will be accessible via the new MiClub system as your current access.


Please contact the office or proshop ASAP.


Updating your Member Details is a similar process to the current online system.


Once logged onto the site you will be taken the CLUB NEWS page.

From here to you can navigate to the MY INFORMATION page where you will see your contact details, a link to your golf bookings, golf competition results and a playing partner’s setup screen.


Once logged in navigate to the Timesheets area by clicking on ‘Golf Bookings’ which will appear under ‘MY INFORMATION’ on the main menu.

Practice timesheets will be available on the new member’s online booking facility on Tuesday 13 October through until the first live comp day with the new system on Wednesday 21 October. Practice timesheets will exist to allow members to practise your normal booking.

Please be aware that the 1st Online Timesheet with the new system will be for WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER. This timesheet will open for bookings on WEDNESDAY 14 with normal bookings applying. Any pre-existing bookings will be transferred by club staff.

Timesheets exist for every day, please be sure to book, to avoid disappointment. Any course closures and or syllabus changes will be updated on the website. Timesheets for online bookings close at 12am on the day of play, from then on, any cancellations must be made through the Pro Shop.

Timesheet changeover period:

Timesheets prior to the WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER inclusive will be available as the current system (GCS).

Timesheets from WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER onwards will be on the new system. During the changeover period please follow the Member Login prompts from the Ocean Shores Country Club website or access the new member portal directly via https://oceanshorescc.miclub.com.au

Reminder Emails:

Once live the booking system will automatically send email reminders 24 hours prior to any golf booking. If you cannot play at this booked time please remove yourself ASAP to allow an opportunity for another member to play.