The Golf Management Committee (GMC) met on 20th October 2021.


The GMC has resolved as follows “In relation to the 8th Hole, as soon as possible, the Board is requested to initiate the preparation of an enlarged plan with full details, for presentation to Members as provided for in By-Law 44.1.2”


Sports Manager Chris is in process of allocating sponsors to events.  Sponsors names to be included on Score cards.


To comply with current requirements competitions have been reorganised into two player and four player allocated bookings. The computer program allows identification of confirmed vaccinated players.


Sports Manager is organising Trophies – Trophy Presentations may be postponed until early next year in the hope that greater numbers are permitted to attend.

Cancer Council

To support the Cancer Council’s fund-raising Sports Manager will put forward a proposal for a “Longest Day” challenge which consists of completing 72 holes of Golf in one day, Monday 13th December, to be limited to 16 entries. The GMC supports the proposal.

Men’s Golf

The GMC has approved a proposal by Men’s Golf for a 4 person Ambrose on 1st Friday of each month. It will be driven by Kevin Fraser.

Ladies Golf

Is planning a special event to be advertised as “Ocean Shores 50th Anniversary Celebrations” to be held on 17th May.

Vets Golf

An unprecedented 92 players competed on each day of the Vets Championship.  Vets Golf is encouraging older players to continue in the game by allowing Vets aged 80+ and on a handicap of 34+ the option of hitting off from the red tees on up to 5 holes of their choice, limited to OSCC Vets events.

Considering introducing some 3 game events as played by the Ladies this year.

18th December tentatively booked for the combined AGM and Presentation Day.


The GMC continues examining ways and means of growing Membership.

Members have The Australian Golf Industry Council’s very comprehensive “Opportunity Research” document and the paper prepared by Val Marsh “Growing Golf Membership”.  A list of 12 ideas drawn up by Jack Daley will be taken by the 3 SIGs for consideration and response.  Lance Selleck is putting forward a proposal concerning Junior Golfers.

Driving Range

Sports Manager Chris again advocated for the proper construction of a driving range not only to attract people to become “Golf Hitters”, but to earn sufficient income to quickly pay for its installation and provide an income stream in line with the Master Plan.  It was resolved that “The GMC recommends to the Board that it examine the feasibility of constructing a Driving Range with a view to generating income”.

Peter Kiernan
Golf Director