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Golf Management Committee Minutes of the Meeting 21st August, 2020

Meeting opened 12 noon

Members present :

Lance Selleck (Chair) Peter Kiernan,Russell Handyside, Del Jansen, Vicki Loomes, Mick Short, Chris Graham, Shane Heaney.


Ian Wills, Wayne Dobson

Minutes of the previous Meeting  Adopted

Matters Arising:

Bore Application – Shane’s proposal for funding to commence boring approved by the Board.

Shane advised that the funds approval is the cost of  submitting a very extensive application. Lance and Mick offered to assist in completing the application.

Shane was advised to include a request for permission to drill a test bore. One of the bore operators recently contacted Shane asking to be kept in mind if any work becomes available, a noted change from the previous attitude.

Course Ratings – Chris tabled an email from Andrew Robb, Manager, Game Development, Rules and Handicapping responding to the request re Ratings.

From his Statistical review of the results, Andrew suggests that, with the exception of the Women’s Green Tees, the Slope Ratings of all Tees be increased by 8-10  No changes of Scratch ratings with the exception of Men’s Black by 1 from 71 to 72 and a decrease in the Women’s Red Tees by 1 from 73 to 72.

The Committee agreed with Andrew’s suggestions, Chris to introduce new handicaps at an appropriate time, perhaps in line with the introduction of the new MiClub computer system which it is hoped will be not later than the beginning of November.

Shane advised that renovations will commence on Monday 28th September, following the previous Friday Blue Marker Day.

Nearest the Pins

The Committee agreed that the current position will continue – Members to be advised that additional prize rundown has been in place and that any savings assist the  Club’s finances.


Shane – Green renovation to occur in the week starting on 28 September.

In house work is continuing between the bridges between the 1st and 2nd tees.

Considerable soil has been removed and some 32 tonnes of sand is being brought in.

A greens turf nursery will be established. A sand profile will be put on and then turf.

A vegetation survey reveals that 98% are weeds, the other fig tree.

The 14th Fairway– grass transition will commence on 12 to 16 November and there is a need for

more drought tolerant cultivators.  The whole of the fairway can be renewed in the one operation as Par 3 can be easily set up to 14th green, the area for about 100 m in front of the Green has already been re grassed. Funding has also been approved for  an aerator vibrator machine which could speed up the work by 50%.  The two fairway bunkers on the 14th are very difficult to maintain and it is hoped the new plan for the course will allow for their re-design.  Shane agreed that the bunkers at the 15th, filled because of the green watering, should have been staked. It was pointed out that preferred lies can be taken in bunkers.

General Business:


ProAm to be rescheduled for Tuesday 10th November.

The Men’s Golf Committee is considering changing to A B C & D divisions.

Chris advised that this would need to be be approved by their Committee and details of the changes along with the Championship Playing Conditions displayed on the Notice Board.

Such notice should also be displayed for the Vets Championship.  Chris to email copy  to Rus.


Raised the matter of low numbers of Women golfers hitting off from two tees on Tuesdays, that they could easily have been accommodated with a 1 tee start and of the need at this time to get as many fee paying visitors as possible. Vicki agreed that she would take the Committee request back to the Women’s Golf Committee.

Mick Short:

The Men’s Golf Committee has received a written complaint about the continuing actions of  Jake McNulty hitting up on players.  That Committee has notified him to attend a special Meeting of the Men’s Golf Committee.

Rus:  Asked if any present had considered how and if they were going to hold an Annual General Meeting.  ?? Vicki advised that Ladies Golfers numbers can be accommodated in the Club house under existing Covid rules. Mick had not considered the matter for Mens Golf Committee. It may be possible to hold an on line AGM with

pre poll voting.

Peter will check with NRVGA for any advice for Vets Golfers..

Correspondence: Nil

Meeting finished at 1.00pm