Ocean shores mens golf news.

Men’s golf demo days



Thursday 27/09/2018  9-12pm



Wednesday 19/09/2018


Try before you are considering buying new clubs.

2018 Road to the PGA.

Pay $10.00  with your game ‘(stableford 22/09/2018)

The winner of this event for men will qualify for the Championship Final at RACV Royal Pines Resort on Sunday 25/09/2018.

Great prize to win and play on such  a nice golf coarse.


Ocean shores country club mens golf.

2nd Round Club Championship 08/09/2018

A grade  Nyache Taccori  75/73 nett

A grade Gavin O’Donnell  85/73 nett

B grade Bob Craig                89/70 nett

C grade Shaun Gaskett      88/68 nett


3rd C.Allinger 520cms     12th G.Hoyd  18cms

6th J.Hepwood 64cms     15th C.Dean  1100cms

8th  M.Crandell 188cms  17th B.Ollis  262cms

Ball run down 77

Ocean Shores Country Club Mens Golf.

1st Round Club Chamionship and medal stroke.01/09/2018.

A Grade  Niccolo Pulcher  78/68 Net

B Grade Roy McCance    88/69 nett

C Grade Mal McPherson 90/69 nett.


3rd M.Krillich 341cms      12th D.Kidd  552cms

6th C Graham  215cms     15th B.Oliss  176cms

8th M Crandell 26cms      17th M.Hardie 120cms


Ball run down to 77 net