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Ocean Shores Country Club

Monday 30th July 2018.

Winner : Rob Goodacre               38pts  $40.00

R/Up     :Gordon De La Garde    37pts  $20.00

3rd         : Graham Isaacs             37pts  $10.00


3rd                                     17th S.O’Brien  149cms.

Ball rundown:33.


Wednesday  1st August 2018.

Sponsor: SAE Group.

Division 1.

Winner:  Graeme Keygan 39pts  $50.00

R/Up    : Peter Sobels          37c/b  $30.00

3RD      : Paul Hanigan       37         $15.00

Divison  2

Winner  : James Cotta     42pts        $50.00

R/Up      : David Bailey    39pts c/b $30.00

3RD        : Bruce Garrard 39              $15.00


3RD  : Mal McPherson  284cm   6th: Peter Bevan  224cm

8th  : Derek Lawson      193 cm    12th John Willey 139cm

15th : James Cotta          154cm    17th Aran Araby  285cm

Ball to

Div 1-31 pts

Div 2-32pts.



Tuesday 7th August 2018.


Wedge Play and Chipping.

Venue: Bottom Range.

Come along to the golf clinic Chris runs a easy going clinic and each player will get points to improve there game.