Present : Troy Makin, Neil McLeod, Betty Linabury, Ray Linabury, Janine Howell, Judy Williams, Chris Graham, Brian Howell, Geoffrey Collins, Ian Wills and James Cotta

Apologies : Margaret Enright

The meeting began with Neil welcoming Chairman of the Board James Cotta to the meeting

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

  • accepted as a true and accurate record
  • Moved Ray sec. Betty – carried

Note : due to the closure of the Club as a result of the Covid 19 virus and the requirement of individuals to self isolate, this is the first opportunity to have a bowls management group (BMG) meeting since the 11th March

Business Arising

  1. Increases in green fees – these have already been implemented
  2. Rules for Wednesday bowls
    1.  these have been circulated to BMG members and will be placed on the bowls notice board, thanks to Peter Quirke and Peter Tornaros for their contributions
  3. bowls budget – to be discussed in general business
  4. distribution of minutes – to go out to all bowls members

Items For Discussion

  1. Covid 19 Update
    1. NB these rules will change as restrictions continue to be lifted
      1. As of 18th June – no more than 20 /green ie. we can have 40 on two greens
      1. Records must be kept of who plays
      1. Social distancing must be adhered to
      1. As of 18th June green fees will apply again ie. Mon 22nd June will be a comp day and not a roll up
  2. Bowls Budget
    1. From the start of the new financial year ie. July 1st, we are moving to an expense budget for both men and women
      1. $42,000 for men and $4,200 for women
      1. suggested that mens and womens budgets could be merged
        1. women to discuss this as an option
      1. significant events ie. Classic Fours would be run under the auspices of BOWLS, not mens or womens
      1. do not want to stifle any individual fundraising ie. 100 Board or sausage sizzles etc.
        1. money raised for a specific purpose would go into a sub-section or cost code and be able to be tracked
      1. a progressive budget will be available for inspection by the BMG at each monthly meeting
      1. the new format will be far simpler to administer than the previous budgeting system
  3. Affiliation Fees
    1. For 20/21 these have been reduced by 25% by Bowls NSW (the men)
    1. WBNSW (the ladies) have not indicated so far that there will be any reduction, remains at  $75
    1. The club will pay these fees and a refund will be made to the Club from members and members fundraising activities
  4. Green Fees
    1. These are to be applied from 18th June 2020
  5. Twilight Bowls
    1. Until further notice these have been moved to Wednesday as the club is not open on a Tuesday evening
    1. First twilight bowls evening will be Wed. 24th June
  6. Suggestions from Peter Quirke
    1. BMG was in agreement with Peters first suggestion and all players in minor singles and pairs will remain in financial standing until the 31st July
    1. BMG was also in agreement with Peters suggestion regarding the mixed pairs and the mixed fours and were happy for Peter to form a sub committee to improve the profile of these events.
  7. Consumption of Alcohol
    1. Ian pointed out that it is a condition of the clubs liquor licence that no alcohol can be brought onto the grounds of the club ie. bowling greens or golf course that has not been purchased from the club
    1. From tomorrow onwards no cartons will be sold to individuals – six packs or single drinks only
  8. A Letter of thanks to be written to Jane Francis and her partner Dodge for their generous donation of the refrigerator that now resides in the shed of the top bowling green. It is greatly appreciated by bowlers. Thanks also to Dave Harman for organising the delivery
  9. Classic Fours
    1. We have $8,000 in sponsorship from Carlton and United Breweries for the running of this event
    1. Neil McLeod, Troy Makin and Peter Tornaros will investigate if it is still possible to run this event
  10. Womens District Singles
    1. These are to be held at the OSCC on the 29th, 30th and 31st July
  11. Norfolk Bowls
    1. No proposed increase in fees at this time
    1. Should seek to promote this event as it is a good source of new members into the club

Due to time restrictions a number of agenda items were not able to be discussed and will be held over until the 24th June at 1:00pm when the meeting will continue

Ray Linabury

Meeting concluded 2:20