Present: Betty Linabury, Neil McLeod, Troy Makin, Ian Wills, Delys DeZwaan, Johnnie Busch, Margie Enright, Samantha Curtis and Ray Linabury.

Apology: Bruce McCollom.

Chairperson: Ray Linabury.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Accepted as a true and accurate record, Moved Margie, seconded Delys  – carried.

Business Arising

  1. Bowls Presentation evening (this is on Saturday 11th Dec, from 5:30 to 7:30). The dress is Christmas theme i.e., bright and colourful. Tables of 8-10 with platters of finger food delivered to each table. A small group consisting of Sam, Troy and Neil has been formed to organize the details of the evening.
  2. Ian informed the meeting that the club would be open once again on a Monday from 12:00 midday to 6:00pm. All bowls members have been informed of this by Ray via a special email.  This will allow the Monday triples to operate once again.  The BMC Meeting will now move to 8:30 on the 2nd Wednesday of the month i.e., the next meeting will be the 8th of Dec 2021.
  3. Troy is once again asking any bowler who is double vaccinated to volunteer to do some gardening around the greens on a Tuesday morning. At present he has Bruce McCollom and Trevor Saunders helping out, a few more would be great.
  4. Ray reminded the meeting that the old uniform is for sale at $15 for a shirt and also $15 for shorts. The new uniform is also for sale at $75 for a jacket and $45 for shorts and also $45 for a shirt.

General Business

  1. Betty reminded the meeting that the ladies and men who bowl on a Friday morning will be using Friday morning 3/12/21 as their Christmas Morning Tea morning.
  2. Betty asked about our affiliation fees for this last year and the question was “Are we affiliated?” Neil believes that we are and that our next lot of fees are due on the 3rd March 2022. Neil will check on this.
  3. Ray spoke briefly about the visit to the club of our new Nth Coast Bowls coordinator, Jessica Alvaro. Her contact details were handed to Sam.
  4. Peter Tornaros asked via email for confirmation of the dates for the Great Northern Super Crisp Classic Fours and also a possible $3000 triples event to be held earlier in the year.
    Moved Margie and seconded Delys that the dates of the Classic Fours be Saturday 22/10 and Sunday 23/10/2022 and that a $3000 triples event be held on Saturday 29th Jan. 2022.  These dates will need to be confirmed by the             Match Committee.
  5.  Ian informed the meeting that due to COVID-19, the Club AGM will be postponed until the 19th Dec. 2021.  Ian also informed the meeting that Jess       McFadyn has resigned.  Other Admin staff will take over some of her role.  Betty spoke about how efficient Jess had been in assisting to get bowls information circulated to members.
  6. Sam Curtis will begin her role as Bowls Co-ordinator in the first week of Dec 2021. Sam and Ian have to work out a few details before she begins.
  7.  Troy informed the meeting that the top green will be back in action on     Monday 22nd November and after that the bottom green will be taken out for refurbishment.
  8. Johnnie asked if the Christmas Party organizers would like some flowers to decorate the tables. The answer was a definite YES
  9. Neil informed the meeting that he was resigning from the role of Bowls Director and that he would nominate Ray, who has been acting Bowls Director for the last month for the position.
    The BMC Meeting moved that Ray be recommended as the new Bowls    Director.  Moved Neil and Seconded Margie – carried.
    Ray accepted the recommendation.
  10. Brekkie Bowls is on again on Sunday 21st Nov. 9:00 am for breakfast for a 10:00 am started to bowls. Remember to put your name down on the entry sheet.

The next meeting of the BMC will be Wed. 8th December at 8:30am.

Meeting closed at 11:55am

Betty Linabury
Minutes Secretary