Meeting started at 8:30 am

Attendence : Margaret Enright, Betty Linabury, Neil McLeod, Delys deZwaan and Troy Makin

Apologies : Chris Graham, Johnnie Busch, Bruce McCollum. Ray Linabury and Ian Wills

Minutes of the Last Meeting

  • moved as a true and accurate record Betty seconded Margaret – carried

Business Arising

  1. The previous minutes for June referred to the combined organisation as Royal Bowls NSW. This is incorrect the correct name is Bowls NSW Inc.
  2. Fundraising for Pennants :
    • $2685 was raised on the fundraising day
    • $2400 from Zone
    • $1645 from the 100 Board and raffles
    • $50 donation from Wilf Sprengel and $40 from Ladies raffles
    • for a total of $6820, this money is sitting at the moment in the raffle account
    • the Clubs contribution is still to be decided
  3. The Classic Fours ; this is still continuing at the moment
    • Peter Tornaros informs us that he has six teams in reserve for this tournament
    • A committee needs to be formed to work on the computer program and other organisation

General Business

  1. The Zone Rookie Singles event is still a possibility to be held on the 13th and 14th of November
    • OS is hosting this event
  2. Capital Budget : this is to be discussed at the next Board Finance meeting
  3. Multi Bowler : Discussion as to whether to cancel this category of membership or leave it open. Decision was to leave it as an option
  4. Bowls Club Membership : this is set at $120 for both male and female bowlers
  5. New Uniforms are now for sale, prices will be made public ASAP
  1. GOBO Day : It is proposed to hold this on Sunday 10th October
    • Teams of 5 and $75 entry per team – 2 golfers, 2 bowlers and one who plays both golf and bowls
    • See the sheet that will be on the notice board
    • This is self funded club activity
  2. There is a new Zone 1 Smoke Free Green Policy for Bowls NSW events (Singles, Pairs, Triples etc plus Pennants)
  3. Bowls Coordinator : Neil read out a list of job criteria
    • a casual position 10 hrs/wk
    • Sam Curtis has been approached and has shown interest
    • Further contract discussions are to take place before approval
    • The Bowls Coordinator would report to the Bowls Director
  4. Shades and lighting for the top green are still being investigated
  5. Congratulations to Troy for his win in the Club Singles and to runner up Dean Payne and well done to all who participated
  6. The Mens Pairs begin with rounds 1 and 2 being played on Saturday 31st of July

Meeting ended at 9:30am

Next meeting will again be at 8:30am on Wednesday 18th August

Betty Linabury
Relieving BMC Minutes Secretary