Members Update 22 March 2021

Golf Course and Bowling Greens are Closed.


March as at 9am 22/3/2021, 371mm.

YTD 2021, 814mm.

YTD 2020, 1220mm.

YTD 2019, 264mm.

The above noted rainfall figures are indicative of the current course conditions. Lakes and estuaries on the property are beyond field capacity and are currently unable to contain the rapid inflow of storm water from the surrounding estate.  The golf course low lying fairways and roughs are currently playing their role as a retention basin processing the excess storm water from the Ocean Shores estate and its urban surrounds.  Once water levels in the adjoining Marshals Creek begin to drop, excess storm water will drain away.  Until this occurs, the course will continue to hold surface water and remain saturated until an extended dry period is received.  Current forecasts suggest the current weather event will ease from Wednesday 24 March 2021.

The golf course and bowling greens will remain closed until conditions are deemed safe for play.

Currently the golf course is not accessible for golf carts due to pooling storm water. The decision to re-open the golf course will be based on the following criteria:

  • Safety,
  • Access to the entire 18 holes, and
  • Playability without causing adverse effects to playing surfaces.


Course staff will endeavour to have the course back in play as soon as possible and will continue to adjust local rules to suit conditions once play resumes.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Shane Heaney

Course Superintendent