OCTOBER 2021, 138mm
YTD 2021, 1577mm
YTD 2020, 1834mm
YTD 2019, 786mm

Course Conditions

The huge task was undertaken during October of renovating greens, and further refining the closely mown sports turf on Fairways/Tees/Surrounds via broad acre renovations. The aim of this process is to improve the quality of the turf long term via promoting plant health, along with maintaining sports turf sustainability, and to create an environment where the turf can naturally combat seasonal stress. The following methods were used during works.

  • Aeration, Fairways and Tees, 17hectares.

Via newly acquired “Aeravator”. This machine is a dual action aerator, whilst the solid tines penetrate the ground, the machine’s aggressively vibrating action loosens the soil profile. The improved soil profile allows a healthier root zone and aids in water or irrigation infiltration.

  • De-Thatching, Fairways and Tees, 17 hectares.

2 x passes over all closely mown areas with scarifying blades. Debris from the scarified holes also must be processed and removed, followed by a double mow in opposite directions to retain a playing surface. These works result in the removal of decaying leaf matter out of the thatch layer and promotes new dense growth. Further benefits include water infiltration and a horizontal growth habit.

  • Greens and Bowls Renovation, 1.5hectares.

Major renovations on the top bowling green, and golf course greens has been carried out. The initial recovery from the renovation is very positive aided by humid conditions and infrequent rain. The priority on these greens is now to restore a pure surface for play, whilst continuing cultural practices to maintain plant heath.

Project work (other)-

Construction of the spare hole 1B, was carried out week starting October 18.

Construction of the 320m2 perched water table green, its surrounds, drainage and irrigation have been constructed. The green has been planted via stolonising the ultra-dwarf turf Tiff Eagle. Growth mats have been used to protect the juvenile plant, whilst increasing establishment time. A greens collar of Sir Grange Zoysia has been planted as a buffer to keep fairway grass out of the green. This is being treated as a trial for future works combatting greens grass contamination.

Stolons have been taken from the bottom practice tee for fairway grass and establishment of this grass will be ongoing.

  • 13th Tee Safety

Due to the safety concerns of a neighbour regarding stray balls entering their property beside the 13th Tee, all tees on the 13th are being brought forward as far as possible on non-comp days.

Members are requested to report all stray balls on this Tee to the Pro Shop to assist the Club determine ways to improve safety of our neighbours on this hole.  We are especially interested in the date, time and ‘tee-off’ location when stray balls are seen to enter neighbouring properties.  There is no personal liability should Members report incidents to the Pro Shop.

Due to the intensive project work carried out during October the focus again turns to presentation, and playability.  It is inevitable that when these projects are carried out, man hours normally allocated to the hazards and roughs are re- allocated for renovation work. More intensive mowing will take place in coming weeks to again combat the prolific growth, along with light and frequent dusting of the greens to regain purity.

Shane Heaney
Course Superintendent