Shane has received revision of draft, not a lot of differences. Due for presentation/display on 6th October. All SIGS Committees support the Plan.

Online delayed because of “covid” continuing changes to program. Chris to liaise with Jess re linking to website

Mens and Ladies to include sponsors of comps on their blogs.

Planned to commence on 11th October and with Greens 18th.

Growing Membership
A list of new Members circulated with the Agenda showing that since June to the latest lockdown 24 new Members and 2 families had joined.

Examination of Membership over 10 years from 2011 shows that Membership at the end of 2020 was only 14 less than peak Membership in 2014, the same as 2013 and higher than any other year.

A comprehensive discussion paper prepared by Val was distributed with the Agenda.

Val put forward the need to put in place a diverse range of social play and competitions which will encourage new Members to remain and enjoy golf.

A list of Members who have not yet re-joined the Club was discussed with Chris. Many reside in Queensland, are outside Byron Shire or have left the area. A number were selected for follow-up and Jack has commenced contacting them.

Data gathered from these contacts will be of much benefit in attempts to retain Members.

Peter Kiernan
Golf Director