1. Installation of a bore, not a priority at this time. Will proceed with permit application only.
  2. NSW Golf Forum: Well worthwhile attending. Submitted for the $1000 grant available from NSW Golf.
  1. Course Projects:
    1. Drainage11th fairway to be replaced. Completed.
    2. Replacement of damaged netting at the 4th tee.
  2. Sunday Golf: To become a “Team” golf competition day open to all. Teams can be either mixed, male or female with a winner in each category. Recommend a promotion for a limited time at a reduced cost for 5 day members, with a suggested cost of $23 for Comp and green fee. Poor attendance, possibly due to weather, needs further promotion.
  3. Course Ratings: Having all 5 courses rated for both men and women at no cost to the club by NSW Golf.
  4. Pat Boone Classic scheduled for long weekend 3rd & 4th October with hopefully the same program as 2019 if permitted
  5. Recommend the Fixture Book for 2020/21 to go electronic and to be available on club website by August 1. Hard copy of both Men and Ladies golf fixtures to be made available at the office.
  6. Congratulations to all involved in the 2019 Ocean Shores Pro Am, the winner of the Queensland Regional Pro Am.
  7. 2020 Pro Am to proceed as scheduled will be a full field.