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Etiquette and Course Care

Pace of Play

The Club has adopted a pace of play policy that is applicable to all players whether in competition or playing socially. The policy can be viewed in full on the Club's noticeboard in the breezeway near the pro shop, or at the following link Pace of Play

The two key elements of the policy are that:

- no round of golf should exceed 4 hours and 20 minutes;

- if a group falls more than a hole behind the group in front, it should abandon the "honour system" when teeing off, and play "ready golf" until such time as they have caught up to within a hole of the group in front.


Care of bunkers

Access to, and egress from bunkers should be from the flat approach to any bunker, or from the side, provided that the slope at the side of a bunker is not too pronounced. Under no circumstances should bunker access or egress be made up/down the steep slopes that are often at the front of bunkers.

It is the responsibility of every player to properly rake the footmarks they create in any bunker.

Bunker rakes should be left in the flat area of a bunker in the direction of play.


Practice on the course

Golfers practicing on the course outside of competition may play no more than two balls.


Protocol for use of carts

No more than two players and their clubs may be carried in any cart.

The number of carts per time slot is restricted to two, unless prior authority is obtained from the Board or from the General Manager, or unless a particular competition requires more than four persons per time slot.

Carts cannot be driven or parked: on tees; contrary to cart signs; in areas marked GUR; or, within 10 metres of any green.


Repair of divots

Sand buckets should be carried and used as required by all players.

Where a clean layer of turf is removed in playing a shot, it should be collected and replaced, and tamped down with the players shoe.

If a turf sod breaks up in playing a shot, the divot should be filled with sand and smoothed level with the surrounding fairway, so as not to cause later damage to fairway mower blades.