Present : Troy Makin, Neil McLeod, Betty Linabury, Ray Linabury, Johnnie Busch, Geoffrey Collins, Chris Graham, Judith Williams and Margaret Enright

Apologies :Ian Wills and Brian Howell

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

  • accepted as a true and accurate record
  • Moved Troy sec. Betty – carried

Business Arising

  1. Bowls Budget
    1. The Club budget including Bowls has been placed on the notice board
    2. Zero accounting is now being used
    3. Men have been allocated $42,420 and ladies $5,240
      1. This is to be combined under one category – BOWLS
      2. The ability to raise money for a special activity will remain for both ladies and men
    4. The club is going to invest in new Point of Sale (POS) software (SEMPOS) and a new system for booking golf and bowls (MiCLUB)
    5. JobKeeper may disappear for our club on the 30th September and this may impact the clubs opening hours
  2. Membership and Affiliation Fees
    1. Neil suggested that we ask Peter Tornaros to come along to the next meeting to discuss the situation with mens fees
    2. Betty informed the meeting that ladies names for affiliation have been submitted
      1. The club has 12 ladies who have chosen to affiliate with WBNSW
  3. Fundraising for Shades
    1. Troy has been investigating this
    2. Quote from Shadex for both greens $34,947
      1. For bottom green only $19,780
    3. Neil has submitted the quote for the bottom green to the Board
    4. Neil is trying to get a dollar for dollar funding from the Board
  4. Classic Fours Tournament
    1. Discussion has been postponed on this until the next meeting
    2. Decision to be made then after consultation with the organising committee
    3. This committee now consists of Peter Tornaros, Troy Makin, Neil McLeod, Peter Quirke and Ray Linabury
  5. District and Zone Results
    1. Troy Makin, Graeme Condie, Andrew Montgomery and Peter Tornaros won the District Open Fours
    2. The OS Open Reserve team were runners up and OS had more entries in the District Fours competition that any other club
    3. OS also won the Reserve Triples with the team of Neil McLeod, Dan Hayer and Brad Hay
    4. Troy Makin has made the Zone Finals of the singles, triples and the fours
      1. Great effort Troy
  6. Wednesday Pairs
    1. This has now been moved to Fridays
    2. It is open to ALL, just put your name down
    3. If ladies want to play together just let Kerry Roberts or Margie Enright know prior to the cards being drawn up
    4. This is now to be known as the CLUB OPEN COMP.
      1. It is no longer the Mens Pairs
    5. Put your name down at the Pro Shop if you want to play
    6. Be at the Club at 8:30 for a 9:00am start
      1. Cost is $12
  7. Brekky Bowls
    1. 29 starters last Sunday, excellent weather and a great morning
    2. this will be run on the 3rd Sunday of each month (weather permitting)
    3. thanks to Betty for sending out the reminders to everyone, Geoffrey and Ray for the bacon and egg burgers and Kerry and Margie for doing the cards
  8. Around the Table
    1. Neil – mentioned that there were 40 bowlers on the greens last Friday afternoon
    2. Johnnie – mentioned the District Womens Singles that were run at the club earlier in August and that they were well organised and the 32 ladies that entered had a great time
      1. Johnnie thanked all of the club ladies that were involved and her husband Peter and Ray who signed all of the ladies in on the first two days
    3. Betty – mentioned the National Womens Bowls Survey and encouraged any bowler, male or female to fill it out
    4. Troy – indicated that one of the greens would be out of action after the Family Fun Day
      1. This should not affect bowls as we are only using one green at the moment
      2. Troy is employed for 30 hrs /week and his days are Mon to Thursday
      3. He will not be present in a work capacity on Fri, Sat or Sun
      4. Suggested moving the mats and jacks back to the pro shop to keep track of who is using the greens
    5. Geoffrey Collins – Geoffrey indicated by letter that he would not be continuing in his role on the BMC. Geoffrey indicated that he would be available to help organise bowls activities whenever he can. His resignation was accepted with regret

Next Meeting : Wednesday 9th September at 1:00pm

Meeting finished at 2:00pm

Ray Linabury

Minutes Secretary