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We are always happy to welcome new members to our club.

Membership comes with many benefits, including discounts throughout the club, access to Members only rewards, such as the Members Badge Draw and Birthday vouchers as well as the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting.

No matter whether you live close or far, play often or not, we offer a range of Memberships to suit all; Golfers, Bowlers, Swimmers and of course, those who just want to enjoy a Social membership.

Our Membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June and pro-rata memberships are available from August.

New Members, please complete the Application form here. New link to be provided but for now use:

If you are a current or recent member, or you wish to change your category, please contact the office on 02 6680 1008.

Get Social

Memberships start at $10 per year (Social)

2Membership Price List Effective 1st July 2021 and valid until 30 June 2022

Membership Category Cost ($)
Full Golfer 1100
Mid Week Golfer 5 Day Golfer (Additional Green Fees Applicable for Sat & Sun play) 880
80 Years + 600
Intermediate Golfer (22-30 years) 770
Colt Golfer (18-21) 570
Junior Golfer (12-17) 145
Cadet Golfer (under 12) 35
Remote/Country Golfer (must hold membership at another club & reside 75kms or more from Club) 660
Special Veteran Golfer (Not available only existing members) 790
Life Style Golfer (Pay as you go social and comp fees per game) 450
5 Year Golf Membership (Available up to 20 members per year) 6000
6 Day Golfer (additional Green Fees Applicable for Sat play) available for 2021 - 2022 membership935
Golfer / Bowler
Membership Category Cost ($)
Golfer/Bowler 1175 
Mid Week Golfer/Bowler 5 Day Golfer (Additional Green Fees Applicable for Sat & Sun play) 960 
80 Years + Golfer/Bowler 650
Intermediate Golfer/Bowler (22-30 years) 840 
Colt Golfer/Bowler (18-21) 650 
Junior Golfer/Bowler (12-17) 175 
Cadet Golfer/Bowler (under 12) 50 
Remote/Country Golfer/Bowler (must hold membership at another club & reside 75kms or more from Club) 715 
Special Veteran Golfer/Bowler 840 
Life Style Golfer/Bowler (Pay as you go social and comp fees per game) 520 
5 Year Golfer/Bowler Membership (within the 5 year membership offered to Golfers and Bowlers 6400 
6 Day Golfer / Bowler Additional Green Fees Applicable for Sat play ) available for 2021 -2022 membership.1010

Note: Bowls affiliation fees are in addition to the below fees and are the responsibility of the MBC/LBC

Membership CategoryCost ($) 
Bowler 120 
Multi Bowler (Bowls Member of another Bowling Club) 80 
Social Bowler (Not eligible to play Pennants, Club Championships) 80 
Junior Bowler (12-18) 25 
Cadet Bowler (under 12) 10 
5 Year Bowler Membership (Available up to 20 members per year) 650 
Full Voting
Membership Category Cost ($) 
Ordinary Member (Full Voting Member) 50 
Membership Category Cost ($) 
Social Member 10 
Social Member 3 years 25
Social Member 5 years 45 
Perpetual (Life) 200 
Swimming Pool Family Pass 140 
Swimming Pool Family Pass Golfer/Bowler 70 
Annual Golf Buggy Fees

All members with Golf Carts MUST pay Golf Cart Registration Fees 

Membership Category Cost ($) 
Golf Cart Path & Bridges Service Fee 125
Electric Buggy Storage (From 2020; includes annual 'test & tag') 450
Petrol Buggy Storage 325
Pull Buggy Storage 30
Additional Fees
Membership Category Cost ($) 
Locker 25 
Gate Key (Security Deposit) 20 
Pro-Rata Membership

ONLY available to customers that have not been a Golfing/Bowling Member in the past 21 months, otherwise they will be charged the applicable pro-rata rate plus a $55 admin fee. 


Buggy storage fees are charged annually from July to June. Pro-rata fees are offered for part year

Buggy Cart Path & Bridges Service Fee

Fee is an annual fee and is not pro-rated any time during the year. 

Monthly Full Golf Membership
Membership Category Cost ($) 
$140 per month, minimum of 3 months membership = $425. $140 / $425


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