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Men’s Golf Committee

There has been some interest from members in forming a Men’s Golf Committee (MGC). Any male golfers interested in being on a MGC are asked to contact our Sports Manager, Chris Graham. Chris will be selecting volunteers to fill the vacant MGC in the interim until their next Annual Meeting is held later in the year, when nominations for the MGC will be called officially.

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Whale Watching on the new deck

I hope everyone has taken the time to share a drink or two with fellow members, friends or family on Ocean Shores Country Club’s new deck. With the annual whale watching season in full swing, the deck is the perfect spot to catch a few splashes, tail slaps and the occasional full breech.

The majestic humpbacks travel past Ocean Shores on their migration north and again on their journey back to the Antarctic.

That means twice the opportunity to see them between now and November. Thanks to the amazing tradies that assisted in the transformation of this area of the

Club and the Board’s vision in creating a space for members to enjoy that is truly special.

See you on the deck!

Andrew Spice

General Manager