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Mullum Visit 11 August 2018 4bbb Stabeford.

Winners: J.Willey/J.Higgins     50 pts  $60.00

R/Up       : R.Cooke/R.Darney   48pts    $40.00

3rd          : T.Dickson/M.Ward  47pts    $20.00

4th         :R.Conway/J.Hart        45pts    $10.00


3rd :A.Snow  213cms            6th: S.Ryan 178cms  8th: A.Cahill 310cms

12th:L.Trudgeon 216cms   15th: M.McPherson 68cms                          17th:W.Kitchen 200cms

Pro Pin:S.Ryan 178cms.

Ball run down :41 c/b.

Guyes if you have not booked in for a game at our Pro -Am  on Tuesday 28th August there are spots available for Am players.

Ocean Shores Country Club Monthly Medal 4th August 2018.

Sponsor: Nu Turf.

A grade

Winner  Jake McNulty      71 nett    $40.00

R/Up      Nicolas Pulcher   74 c/b  $25.00

3rd      Jon Lindsay               74 c/b  $10.00

Gross: Freddie Alcantara 81 gross $15.00

B grade

Winner Chris Bleakley        62 nett   $40.00

R/up      Toby Sanderson   72 nett    $25.00

3rd         Scott Wilson          73 c/b      $10.00

Gross   Col Godsmack       87 Gross $15.00

C Grade

Winner Russ handyside   73 nett            $40.00

R/Up      Jim Stewart           74 nettc/b     $25.00

3rd        Ray Darney            74 nett            $10.00

Gross Graeme Boyd         97 Gross         $15.00


3rd Scott Wilson 201cms             12th Andrew j Brown  567cms

6th John Starcic  78 cms             15th Brett Johnston    148cms

8th Andrew Cahill 400 cms      17th Shaun Macdonald 940cms.

Pro pin.

John Starcic  78 cms.



Ocean Shores Country Club

Monday 30th July 2018.

Winner : Rob Goodacre               38pts  $40.00

R/Up     :Gordon De La Garde    37pts  $20.00

3rd         : Graham Isaacs             37pts  $10.00


3rd                                     17th S.O’Brien  149cms.

Ball rundown:33.


Wednesday  1st August 2018.

Sponsor: SAE Group.

Division 1.

Winner:  Graeme Keygan 39pts  $50.00

R/Up    : Peter Sobels          37c/b  $30.00

3RD      : Paul Hanigan       37         $15.00

Divison  2

Winner  : James Cotta     42pts        $50.00

R/Up      : David Bailey    39pts c/b $30.00

3RD        : Bruce Garrard 39              $15.00


3RD  : Mal McPherson  284cm   6th: Peter Bevan  224cm

8th  : Derek Lawson      193 cm    12th John Willey 139cm

15th : James Cotta          154cm    17th Aran Araby  285cm

Ball to

Div 1-31 pts

Div 2-32pts.



Tuesday 7th August 2018.


Wedge Play and Chipping.

Venue: Bottom Range.

Come along to the golf clinic Chris runs a easy going clinic and each player will get points to improve there game.

Ocean shores country club. Comp Results Monday 23rd July 2018

Monday 23rd July 2018.

Winner: Charlie Dean     37pts c/b  $40.00

R/up       :John Hart           37pts c/b   $15.00

NTP: R.Darney

Ball run down :32 c/b.


Ocean Shores Country club.  25th July 2018.

4bbb and single Stableford.

Winner: Peter Sobels        43pts  $55.00

r/up      :Karl Meehan        42pts  $30.00

3rd        :Mal McPherson  40pts  $20.00


6th :   J.Willey  43cms        12th:R.Brown 490cms

15th:  G.Merrick 438cms  17th K.Meehan 308cms


J.Willey 43cms


Ball rundown 32.

Ocean Shores Country club  Saturday 28th July 2018.

Sponsor: Globe Growing Solution.

Division 1

Winner : Richard Cooke  +5          $55.00

r/up       : Jack Daley           +4          $35.00

3rd         :Jake McNulty      +3 C/b  $15.00

Division 2

Winner  : Scott Wilson    +6           $55.00

r/up        : Ken Caldwell   +4            $35.00

3rd          : Danny Lloyd     +3 c/b   $15.00



3rd  Jon Gray  159cms                    6th   Jake McNulty  116cms

8th Darren Logan 108cms           12th Michael Krillich  161cms

15th Leo Prendergast  314cms   17th Graham Player  175cms.

Div 1 -2

Div 2 -1.

Mens Golf Comp results

Monday 16th July 2018 Medley Stableford.

1st       Charlie Dean    39pts  $40.00

2nd    Ian Smith           39pts  $20.00


3rd G.Llewellyn 146cms     17th C .Sullivan 656 cms.

Ball run down 32.

Great playing by Charlie and ian.

Mens Golf comp results.

1ST Round Ocean Shores 4 ball Cup  14 July 2018.

Places after round 1.

1st.      K.Jones/K.Burt             55 net

2nd    K.Caldwell/N.Carter   57 net

3rd    G.Cowan /M.Smith      58 net

2nd and final round this Saturday 21st July 2018.


3rd   N. Pulcher   130cms    6th J.Hart  (hole in one)

8th    304cms.                        12th T. Tarrant  129cms

15th T. Mitchell  290cms   17th G.Hannigan 119cms.

Ball run down  65.

Congratulation  to JOHN  Hart hole in one great shot.

Mens Golf Clinic

Hi Guys,

Chris our professional has another golf clinic below.

Tuesday 24th July 2018

Bottom Range

3.30-5.00 PM


$20.00 Per person

If you have issues with either bunkers or putting and you are free come along and improve your game for a small fee.

Up coming news and events.

Hi Guys,

  1. From next month  the medal round (August 2018)

There will be in conjunction with the medal comp an individual comp for players who wish to play from the white tees.

There will only be one NTP (6th) which  everyone will hit from the same distance, this is put in place so that players who don’t feel they can compete can do so with an individual comp.

With this when you get to the pro shop please advise our staff if you wish to play in this or the medal comp.

2) The Cock of the Walk and the Jack and Dal events which are currently been played.

There have been some issues with teams not playing their rounds before the cut off.

Should this happen from now on with one or both teams not playing by the due date they will forfeit their game. However if there is an issue you are aware off preventing you from playing your game by the due date, please contact the pro shop and advise Chris Graham.

3) The Mullumbimby return round will be played on the 18th August 2018.

This game will be a shot gun start at 7.30 and Mullum guys 12.00

At the completion of the game we will have a BBQ for players at 4.30PM.

Let’s play and show the guys from Mullum our home support.

4) With the start of the Ocean Shores 4 ball stroke the  handicap will be the same from the start of round 1 and 2 without change.

The teams must complete both rounds 1 and 2 to be eligible for the cup.

If any member has any issues at any time have a chat with any of your mens golf committee  who can help you .


Men’s Golf Committee.